In the Czech Republic you need a state license to buy a fishing license. The state license (blue, plasticized pass) is valid for 3 years. With this permit you can buy a blue and / or red permit at the fishing tackle shop, which is valid for 1 week.

The blue zone permit (green card with blue sticker) is for the rivers indicated with blue on the fishing chart and is valid for 7 days. With this permit you are not allowed to fish on the rivers indicated in red on the fishing chart.

Red zone permit (green card with red sticker) for grayling and trout rivers that are marked with red on the fishing chart and are valid for 7 days, but you can only fish for three days with this permit in that week !!!! With the red license you are not allowed to fish in a blue zone or vice versa.

  • State license for three years is about 8 euros (200, -CK)
  • Red zone permit is approximately 50 euros (1200, - CK)
  • Blue zone permit is approximately 40 euros (1000, - CK)

In total you are on almost 100 euros in permits for 1 week and then you can fish on more than 1000 km of river!