Fly Fish Farm

Fly Fish Farm Czech Republic

Who are we and where do we stand for:

We (Erik Strijker and Sandra Bruins) organize fly fishing holidays in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) near Trutnov for beginners, advanced and fishermen with a mild disability . We also organize river clinics and theme holidays.

Fly Fish Farm organizes her holidays in a private fishing lodge which is equipped as a guesthouse. It is a renovated farmhouse, with all amenities.
We promote sustainable fishing, hence our logo symbolizes balance (Yin and Yang, reflected in the fish).

Our mission is besides cosiness and a pleasant fishing time to promote fishing as sustainable as possible (not only in the Czech Republic). We do this by :

  • Fishing without barb.
  • Fishing on several rivers.
  • Not constant fishing at the same place, so the fish can recover.
  • Taking pictures, on a wet, soft ground, so the fish are not damaged.
    However, as little as possible to make use of the fishing net in order to prevent damage to the fish, but with the wet hand.
  • And of course to clean up the mess.

Our vision is the preservation of fishing waters and not over fishing of the stock. Not only for now but also for the future!

We hope that you did enjoy reading and hopefully you are interested to come and stay with us.
Sincerely ,

Erik Strijker and Sandra Bruins,
on behalf of Fly Fish Farm