Terms and Conditions

Booking conditions:

Fly Fish Farm uses general terms and conditions below.
Reservations and payments:
Only written reservations will be accepted. Reservations will be effective if the deposit/cancellation charge of 75 euros per person are payed.
This amount is deducted from the full amount that has to be paid (per person). The amount of the payment must be paid six weeks prior to the day of departure and must be in possession of Fly Fish Farm. In case of late payment, the traveler is in default . He is there by or on behalf of the tour operator to explain pointed out in writing why the payment is late and has still the possibility to pay the amount. Due within 7 days. If the payment is still not made, the contract is deemed to have been canceled on the day of default.
The tour operator has the right to retain the 75 euro as cancellation costs.The monies already paid will be credited against the cancellation fees.
If the contract is concluded within 6 weeks before the day of departure, the entire amount must be paid immediately. The traveler who does not meet a financial obligation to the tour operator has paid in time is the amount still owed an interest of 1 % for each month or part of a month of delay. Without payment of the total payable fare you don't have any rights to use a vacation at Fly Fish Farm. For payment you will receive an invoice.

List of participants:

Final list of participants must be in possession of Fly Fish Farm at the latest one week prior to departure from Fly Fish Farm.


The groups leader, named on the list of participants, is responsible for the orderly course of events in and around the leased property, if there are extent affected by one of the groupmembers. By him or his group, Fly Fish Farm does not accept any liability for loss, theft, damage, kwetsing or accidents caused to persons and/or property during or as a result of staying in the property referred to and during or as a result of the round trip and planned excursions . However, liability will be deemed to comply if any damage, theft, or accident detriment of Fly Fish Farm or in service employees. Consult your ( travel) insurance regarding coverage.

Cancellations, changes or "no show":

General for package subject to cancellations 30 , 21 , 14 , 7 days before departure, you pay per person 10 % of the fare respectively. In case of early departure or cancellation no refund of monies will be paid. Cancellations on time and with good reason receive the full fare paid back.

Problems during the tour:

If during the tour - by any cause whatsoever - should be exempted from the previously agreed program - if reasonably possible - first place consultation with your tour guide on site or your contact person from Fly Fish Farm in the Netherlands or present in the Czech Republic. Deviate from the agreed program without Fly Fish Farm advance thereof set can lead to (considerable) price increases. If you as a person does not comply with agreed times void all rights to a refund.

Travel documents:

Outside EU a passport with a validity of at exits for at least 90 days (for EU citizens), for some nationalities a visa is required! We recommend that you check with the consulate of the country to visit in person. For the new EU countries (including the Czech Republic and Poland) is sufficient since May 1, 2004 an ID card.

Care for accommodation:

Unless otherwise agreed, that care for the property consists of the following. Breakfast consists of a breakfast of bread (rolls) , toppings ( savory and sweet ) , boiled eggs , coffee/tea/ milk and fruit, lunch consists of a lunchbox with sandwiches, packet soup, fruit and if you like a boiled egg. Bed linen and towels are provided . Possibility to change a pillow is also provided (see also pricelist)

Force majeure clause:

If force majeure, and circumstance that we do not have in hand (eg extreme weather, failure of third, market crisis, strike, not drive trains/plains, delay file, border formalities, illness driver, accident), a tour or activity not passageway than you don't get no refund of monies paid.


For traveling by group we advise to close a travel and accident insurance. If you don't want any risk of canceling and losing the payment we advise a cancellation insurance.
Made damage to the residence or car (inside and outside) you have to pay the damage to the ownder of the residence. This means damage to the house, inside and out, damage to the interior and damage to the yard and damage to the car and courtyard.


If there are unexpected problems occur, first try - site or management of the property to find a solution. Using the travel The complaints are not resolved to the satisfaction then you must at least 14 days to turn to Fly Fish Farm, Written after leaving the property or after the end of the trip.

Reservation of accommodation:

If an accommodation booked by circumstances (eg fire damage, water damage, double booking) no place at Fly Fish Farm, than provides Fly Fish Farm a replacement property(s) reasonably matching or match the originally booked accommodation(s). On the basis of the replacement property is however not refundable.
General reservation:
The prices and program elements are subject to change.