AVG privacy statement

Privacy declaration

We process your personal data as part of our services. We have drawn up this privacy statement to inform you properly about how we handle your personal data.

This privacy statement was last amended on 25 May 2018.

Contact details:

Your personal data is processed by:

FlyFishFarm SRO
Lampertice 48
54101 Trutnov
Ceska Republika

FlyFishFarm SRO obtains personal data from yourself, which you provide to us via the website, email, telephone, personal conversation and app.

In addition, we may obtain your personal data from third parties in the context of our services or purposes.

Personal data:

FlyFishFarm SRO processes the following categories of personal data:

Name and address details:

Contact information, such as email address and telephone numbers

  • Mail address
  • Mobile phone


FlyFishFarm processes this personal data for the following purposes, such as:

Maintaining contact:

Good and efficient service provision - assistance;
Performing administrative actions;
Improvement of service provision;
Collecting money and taking collection measures;
Compliance with legal obligations;
Conducting disputes;
Advice and consultation;
Network consultation;


We process certain personal data on the basis of Article 6 of the GDPR in order to be able to implement your agreement or to comply with a legal obligation.

We also process personal data, because FlyFishFarm SRO has legitimate interests in this.

These legitimate interests are:

Being able to provide its services as efficiently as possible;
The protection of its financial interests;
Improving its services and assistance;
Security and management of its systems;
Being able to efficiently implement necessary safety;
Realize optimal advice and consultation;
Conduct scientific research.

If personal data are processed for a special purpose, separate written permission will be requested.

Provision to third parties:

FlyFishFarm SRO may exchange personal data as part of its services. FlyFishFarm SRO may use third party services such as the IT providers of our website and our systems for the aforementioned purposes. In this context, personal data is provided to these third parties. These third parties may only process your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. Before contacting third parties, you will first be asked for an explanation and written permission.

How long we keep your data:

FlyFishFarm SRO will not process your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes stated in this privacy statement. This means that your personal data will be kept for as long as it is necessary to achieve the relevant goals. Certain data must be kept longer because FlyFishFarm SRO has to comply with legal retention obligations, such as the tax retention obligation. We currently maintain a retention period of 15 years, starting from the moment you contact us. If your data can be destroyed earlier, this will also be carried out.

How we protect your data:

We believe it is important that your personal data is protected against loss or unauthorized access to your personal data. That is why FlyFishFarm SRO has taken appropriate security measures. In connection with security, we do not publish anything about this, but you can always obtain more information if you have had personal data recorded with us.


We conduct behavioral analyzes of the information we collect about you. We do this in order to improve our services and for our accountability to clients by means of reports and support for scientific research.

Your rights:

You have the right to request FlyFishFarm SRO to inspect your personal data. After receiving your request, you will receive an overview of your personal data within 1 month. If this shows inaccuracies, you can request that your data be adjusted, supplemented,

deleted or protected.

You can also request FlyFishFarm SRO to transfer your personal data or you can object to the processing of your personal data due to special personal circumstances.

You can send questions about this privacy statement or a request about the processing of your personal data to:

FlyFishFarm SRO
Lampertice 48
54101 Trutnov
Ceska Re