How much is a week fly fishing holiday at Fly Fish Farm!

300 euros per person.

What do you get for this amouth:

  • We offer a guesthouse includes catered breakfast and lunch, consisting of cooked egg, assorted pastries, meats, cheeses, soups, coffee/tea, milk and fruit.
  • Private bedroom with towels and bed linen, bathroom with shower and 2 sinks that you share with another guest . The beds have season duvets, which you can remove when it is to hot.
  • There are also several pillows (neckband or feathers).
  • Also the bedrooms are equipped with towels.
  • Free Wifi. The whole house you can use wireless internet and also there is a computer with Skype (= is a freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client. The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice using a microphone and video by using a webcam over the Internet).
  • The computer is also used to post the pictures. After the trip, the photo will be burned on CD/DVD as travelogue.
  • Because we have a satellite receiver, we can not only receive Dutch channels but also German and English.
  • Guides, 4 days per group and any additional guidance or fly fishing lessons for novice anglers is possible.
  • Ability to fly tying with or without help.
  • Arranging all necessary permits, so you can go fishing immediately.

What are the extra kost:

  • Visit to the restaurant . Average three course meal costs about 15 euros. For dinner, you are free to go eating with the group or alone. there are several different restaurants you can choose of.
  • State license (if you do not already possess) costs 1 year = 100 kc (about 4 euros), 3 year cost = 200 kc (about 8 euros) and 10 years = 500 kc (about 20 euros).
  • License for one week a 1200 kc (about 50 euros).
  • Your personal journey to and from Fly Fish Farm.
  • Extra costs drive to/from fishing waters, visit restaurant and at fly fishing shops by me to 20 cents per kilometer.

To arrange the permits we need from you the following information:

  • ¬†Copy of passport/ID card.
  • Copy country license and possibly local membership fishing club.

Other possibilities offered:

  • Return airport Prague is 250 euros (maximum 4 people). Again, the extra kilometer costs drive to/from fishing waters, visit restaurant and at fly fishing shops by me to 20 cents per kilometer.

Additional information:

  • I only guide my own guests. I am not a " day - guide" that you can hire for personal trips. My guests pay for the full use of me as a guide and facilitator and so I don't do extra work as a guide.


If you want to know more or have any questions, just go to contact. Here you can send your question. We hope that we have informed you enough and we hope to welcome you in our lodge .


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